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Whether you are visiting, buying or renting, we’re here for you before, during and after your experience. We’ve answered the most common questions below, and for everything else you can contact us directly.
  • Is there a risk of insolvency?
    No! Mr. Orr can provide a bank letter showing both the company and the project are completely self-financed.
  • Can I see my trailer on site?
    Yes you can. Too, our early buyers will most likely see a large increase in their property values as the first 8-10 properties sold will be the most desirable and for the first year, will be sold at cost to get the project off the ground. The next 30-40 units will see a noticeable increase as the park fills up.
  • What if you need to sell?
    Wholesale – If you need to sell quickly, we can purchase from you at a wholesale value allowing a seamless and easy exit for you Let us help you sell – we will advertise, show and finalize your deal, getting you the most for your investment (6% cost). Sell yourself – we will need to be involved in the process as you will only be selling the trailer and not the land so we must participate to help facilitate the transition for the new owners.
  • Is internet available?
    Yes, through Pioneer Wireless. We do not supply or are involved with the supplier.
  • How is the phone service?
    Phone service is very poor. A booster will help to get a better signal.
  • What is the priority for docks?
    First come, first served.
  • Can I rent my cottage to my friends or family?
    We do not encourage rentals but if for some reason you would like to rent 2-3 times a year we will be here to help. Our rental assistance program includes: For your renter (1 week minimum stay), they will sign a contract with us and we will familiarize with them with our rules and provide assistance for any and all problems or questions that may arise. As well as the rental cost there will be an extra cost to Steamboat Bay for administration fees: $115.00/week + taxes
  • Do we do short term rentals?
    Minimum 1 month.
  • I have friends coming in for a visit - do you have a place for them to rent?
    We will have a weekly rental on site for your convenience (for your family and friends). The rates will vary according to the week required. Cost: $775-$1050/week + taxes (please contact us for rates)
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