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Steamboat Bay RV Resort is a growing RV resort that will include approximately 59 waterfront sites with many of the amenities that one would expect from a luxury waterfront property. Too, the new Northlander Park Model Cottages offer all the advantages of owning a waterfront cottage without the hassle of maintaining it.

About our developer

Tom Orr has been active in the construction industry for over 25 years, starting Tom Orr Cartage Construction (TOCC) in the early 90’s and growing it into a very successful business. Mr. Orr has also been in the development business since early 2000, which has included buying, building and developing condos, and both commercial and raw land projects.


In 2010, Tom purchased approximately 200 acres on the Ottawa River, in Horton Township, near Renfrew Ontario, with the intention of developing the land for permanent homes and recreational properties. Over the next 2 years, feasibility & market studies were conducted and the decision was made to divide the property into 2 separate developments. One mile of beautiful waterfront allows the creation of these two projects: Carriage Landing and Steamboat Bay.


Our Property

Our property Steamboat Bay is a small boutique RV Resort on the banks of the beautiful Ottawa River. 

Our Team

Information & Sales

Contact Tom Orr is your resource for all things Steamboat Bay

Our Hosts

Ted and Lori Keyes

Would you like to build your own Dream Cottage?

Visit Northlander Industries to view their complete specifications. Choose your design and we will create a beautiful getaway without giving up any of those home comforts.

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